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Bows In Stock


Prices below include:

No added taxes or fees.

2-year replacement warranty.

Free Shipping for US Customers.

Canvas bow case.

Extra bowstring.

4 oz jar of bow sealer.

Write the Serial # for the bow you'd like to order on THIS FORM

Books are OPEN

for Custom orders.

Current wait is approx. 5-6 weeks to your door.


See the Pricing page HERE for detailed options and prices for custom orders.

Military, Veterans, LEO, and First Responders are eligible for a 10% discount on bows and quivers.

Osage Origins Longbow


Serial # Osage1

Rawhide backed

62" overall length

52# at 24"

55# at 25"

58# at 26"

61# at 27"
Max draw 27"

Hickory Board Selfbow


Serial # Boardbow1

64" overall length

Bendy handle design

54# at 26"

57# at 27"

60# at 28"

63# at 29"

66# at 30"
Max draw 30"

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