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Buffalo Nickel Academy


3 Days

Organic Archery and the Buffalo Nickel Academy have joined forces to bring you a premier, all-inclusive bow building experience where you'll learn to craft a powerful, smooth shooting longbow using only simple hand tools. This course is geared toward the basics of bowmaking and is accessible to all skill levels. You don’t need prior archery or woodworking experience, but must be teachable and willing to follow instructions. You’ll leave the course with a one-piece longbow suitable for both small and large game – built from start to finish by you!

Each bow will be crafted to your personal draw length and desired draw weight. You’ll be challenged to navigate the character (imperfections) in the wood with guidance from a Master Bowyer. The small group size leaves plenty of time open for Q&A. Take years of trial and error off the learning curve with focused individual instruction.

The final afternoon will be spent learning the fundamentals of longbow marksmanship with your new bow, and shooting the outdoor 3D target course at the Buffalo Nickel Ranch. If you’re already an experienced archer, you’ll be set free to shoot in your preferred style. If you’re a first-time archer or someone looking to explore a new method, we’ll skip the complicated nuances of the modern shot cycle and cover a simple, intuitive shooting technique.

Materials, tools, five-star lodging, upscale meals, and a fully-stocked bar are provided. Visit the link below for a detailed curriculum and accommodations list.


There are two course dates available:

July 19-23, 2024

July 25-29, 2024


These must be booked with the Buffalo Nickel Lodge. You cannot book these through Organic Archery.


CLICK HERE for more course information and booking.

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