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Bow Prices

Osage  - $899.00
Hickory - $799.00
Hackberry - $749.00


Handle Wraps

Jute w/ Leather Arrow Pass - $15.00
All-Leather - Tanned Hide - $30.00

*A Floppy Rest can be added to Either
design for no additional charge.* 

Wooden Arrows

Target points:  $54.00
(Set of 3)
Small Game Points:  $63.00 (Set of 3)
Zwickey Eskimos:  $75.00 (Set of 3)

*Arrows are crafted using Surewood Hunter Grade Douglas Fir shafts. You can request Premium Douglas Fir shafts for an additional charge.*


Bison Hide Only (No Pelt) : $150.00
Optional Pelt Outer -
Badger : $75.00
Coyote : $70.00
Beaver : $50.00
Racoon : $40.00
Beaver inner Liner$50.00

Longbows can be made between 62-72" in overall length depending on your draw length, wood species and bow stave inventory. I recommend 66-68" for a 28" draw. This makes for a well-balanced, durable design with powerful cast and forgiving shooting characteristics. Each bow is fitted with a D97 Flemish twist bowstring.

Draw weight options






Hunter Grade arrows are spine matched to within 5# and weight matched to within 20 grains.


Premium arrows are spine matched to within 5# and weight matched to within 10 grains.

CAUTION: Zwickey broadheads are sharpened before shipping!

Bows in Stock must be paid in full before they're shipped. I require a $200 good faith deposit for custom orders. This deposit secures your place in my books, the raw materials, and helps identify serious buyers.


Bow-only orders :
$35 shipping/handling to the Lower 48 and $60 to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

Bow and Arrow packages :
$45 S&H to the Lower 48 and $75 to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

International shipping :

$130 upfront to ensure the postage is fully covered. If the shipment is less than $130, the difference is refunded on the shipping day.

Shipments are sent FedEx in handmade and insured wooden crates to guarantee a hassle-free replacement should your order be lost or damaged in transit.

Military, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Service Workers receive 10% discount.

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