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Bow Prices

Osage  - $1,150.00
Hickory - $950.00
(temp. Sold out)
Hackberry - $900.00

Other bow woods (oak, locust, Etc) are often available and fall within the prices above. Send me a message if you'd like a list of in-stock tree species.


Handle Wraps

The above prices include an All-Leather, Tanned Hide handle wrap.

Substitute a Jute (Plant Fiber) handle wrap for no additional charge.

*A Floppy Rest can be added to Either
design for no additional charge.* 

Wooden Arrows

Target points:  $55.00
(Set of 3)
Small Game Points:  $65.00 (Set of 3)
Zwickey Eskimos:  $75.00 (Set of 3)

*Arrows are crafted using Surewood Hunter Grade Douglas Fir shafts. You can request Premium Douglas Fir shafts for an additional charge.*


Bison Hide Only (No Pelt) : $175.00
Optional Pelt Outer -
Coyote : $70.00
Beaver : $60.00
Raccoon : $45.00
Beaver inner Liner$60.00

**badger is no longer an option due

to limited availability of winter pelts big enough/full enough for quivers.**

Longbows can be made between 62-72" in overall length depending on your draw length, wood species and bow stave inventory. I recommend 66-68" for a 28" draw. This makes for a well-balanced, durable design with powerful cast and forgiving shooting characteristics. Each bow is fitted with a D97 Flemish twist bowstring.

Draw weight options

35-40           55-60

45-50           60-65


Hunter Grade arrows are spine matched to within 5# and weight matched to within 20 grains.


Premium arrows are spine matched to within 5# and weight matched to within 10 grains.

CAUTION: Zwickey broadheads are sharpened before shipping!

Bows in Stock must be paid in full before they're shipped. I require a $250 good faith deposit for custom orders. The deposit secures your place in my books, the raw materials, and helps identify serious buyers.


Bow and Arrow Packages :
United Sates - Free

Canada - $50

Bow-only orders :
United States - Free

Canada - $30

Arrow-only orders/refills :
Calculated based on # of arrows

Quiver-only orders :
United States - Free

Canada - $20

International shipping :

$150 upfront to ensure the postage is fully covered. If the shipment is less than $150 (it usually is), the difference is refunded on the shipping day.

Shipments are sent via FedEx in durable, insured shipping tubes. If your order is lost or damaged in transit, your gear will be replaced as soon as possible.

Military, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Service Workers receive 10% discount on all products.

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