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About Correy

I grew up in a small village in Southeast Nebraska. My siblings and I were raised to hunt, fish, forage for wild foods, and navigate the wilderness. We spent a lot of time outdoors as a family, where we learned to respect and appreciate the land and all the creatures that call it home. I come from a long line of outdoorsmen, and my father put a bow and arrows in my hands as soon as I could understand their utility. 

My early adult years led me away from archery to pursue other interests, and I eventually joined the United States Marine Corps. I relished my time with the 1st Marine Regiment and served two combat tours with RCT-1 as a Recovery Operator in Afghanistan. I returned home to Nebraska and became once again spellbound by the longbow.


After building bows as a hobby for 6 years, Organic Archery became my full-time endeavor in 2018. I am consumed by this craft and deeply cherish the art of bowmaking and the mystical flight of the arrow. 

My Mission

People all over the world are finding inspiration to step away from contrived mass-production and experience the romance of the "old ways". It sings like a siren and pulls us in, and few songs of our origins are as alluring as the sweet tune of the wooden bow; the initial rune of fine art.


I'd like to open a door for people who wish to go afield with the time-tested companion of our ancestors. Walking among the wild things with a selfbow in hand offers its wielder a profound connection to our past as hunter-gatherers.


My work is inspired by ancient, tried and true designs from diverse regions of the world. Each bow is followed from standing tree to finished product, and I promise to craft every one to the best of my abilities. No detail will be overlooked. I hope your bow brings you as much fulfillment as I've had making it.

Correy Hawk

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