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"My osage selfbow has exceeded all my expectations. It has a unique aesthetic quality that you can only find in a hand-crafted tool. Apart from the aesthetics, it is smooth and powerful. The custom arrows fly straight and shoot with great consistency. I couldn't have asked for a better piece."

-Marshall H.

"I have spent most of my adult life training and studying traditional Japanese furniture making. During my apprenticeship, the ideas and practices of a true craftsman were drilled into me daily. When I received my bow from Correy, I knew that he too shared the same principles that were instilled in me. The quality of his craftsmanship and attention to detail are absolutely incredible. And beyond that he is a consummate professional. I am lucky to own such a fine shooting bow."

-Joshua V.

"For some time now, I've wanted to step back into traditional archery after having dabbled with a Bear recurve as a kid. It fits my minimalist nature.


I came across Correy on Season 7 of Alone and took the plunge. I found him on Instagram, picked his brain, and placed an order for an osage bow, bison quiver, and a dozen field-tipped arrows. Correy kept me in the loop during the entire process, to the point I felt as if I played a role in the bow's creation.


I'll never forget the day it arrived. It was like a Picasso was delivered to my doorstep. All of it - it's lines, the curves, the hand-stitching, the fletching. It was exactly what I wanted, down to the smallest detail.


Shooting it has been a dream. It's sooo damn smooth. So fun to shoot, granted it's taken time to become proficient again. I took Correy for his word when he said the character wouldn't affect the bow's accuracy. Dude was right on. The more time I spend behind it, the tighter my groups become, and the more I love its character.


Every time I string the bow, I feel grounded. It literally makes me want to let go of everything and disappear into the woods. I don't value possessions like I used to, but this one is different. It makes me want to be better.

My goal is to hunt game again. I can't think of a better way to honor an animal's life thank taking it with a hand-carved selfbow. As an ultrarunner, I would also relish an opportunity to spend multiple days in the backcountry; covering huge distances with just my bow, knife, and ultralight kit."

-Aaron S.

"The quality of Correy's work is one thing, and his passion for the craft another. There's more to be said than 'I bought a really good longbow from him'. I'm new to traditional archery and Correy made our business personal. He shared a wealth of knowledge and inspiration with me about archery and still does. Now we share the same passion and I enjoy shooting my bow every day. When it's time to buy another or refer a friend when they see my bow, it'll be from Organic Archery."

-Charles O.

"Correy, I just wanted to let you know how awesome the hackberry selfbow and hand made arrows are and that they have exceeded my expectations. I've shot a lot of bows; high dollar compounds, custom made recurves, and a good many commercially made bows. The quality of your work and attention to detail is incredible and the bow shoots as well or better than anything else I've shot. Pretty cool to shoot a bow that has no string slap, no noise and zero hand-shock. I really appreciate you sharing the build process with me through pictures and videos. This bow will be in my family for a very long time! I wish you all the best and keep up the good work bro!"

-Foster C. 

"For some of us, shooting a wooden bow goes well beyond a pastime. Its part of who we are, a fundamental part of our identity and sending an arrow out of a hand crafted self bow is about as pure as it gets. Correy makes a bow that not only fits the bill but one that you'll hand down to your son or daughter one day. There are plenty of quality bowyers out there, and some that make truly great bows. Then there are those that you can quite literally feel the craftsmanship in. A bow that is so unique it requires no makers mark, as it stands alone and to shoot it is to know the maker. Correy makes such a bow and I'd as soon carry an Organic Archery longbow as any other I've handled. If you're looking for a longbow, you just hit the mark."

-Rick S.

"I find true handmade craftsmanship to be a dying art. With my own business, I take a lot of pride in my work and you can clearly see it in Correy's. You won't find a better bowyer. His attention to detail is second to none. I appreciated the involvement and updates provided throughout the process. There's no question, I would buy another bow from him. Great experience, great dude, phenomenal bow. His customer service is top notch and he stands behind everything he puts out into the world. You can't put a price on that. If you're on the fence, you can hop off and just do the damn thing. No regrets, I promise."

-Matt N.

"In our consumeristic society, true artisans in any field have all but dried up. Which is a shame, as in the past products were created with very specific purposes by very passionate craftsman.


Recently, I experienced this at an even deeper level when I was researching custom bows. In my youth I was gifted a longbow and remember spending endless hours trouncing through the woods with my dog, shooting innumerable stumps and the occasional squirrel (goes good with gravy).


Reminiscing, I began searching for custom longbows and happened across Correy. I follow him on Instagram and it's obvious he's passionate about his trade.


After a few weeks, I sent him a message with a list of questions. He waded through my ignorance and was extremely helpful. Modern commercialism has much to learn from his customer service skills.


Once I made the decision to move forward, he eased my reluctance with regular updates on the status of my bow; from photos/videos of preparing the stave, to shaping the limbs, to endless quality control testing.


My expectations were high and I was not disappointed when I received my bow. It’s obvious right out of the box that someone with a deep passion put many hours into this product, as it is exquisitely beautiful and its performance has excelled anything I would have expected from any leading archery company.


I recommend Organic Archery to anyone looking for a custom-made bow or arrows and wish Correy (fellow brother in arms) all the best as he continues to expand his artistic abilities and grow his business."

-Tim D.

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