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If you're interested in an item on the Bows in Stock page, use the form below to let me know which one. All Organic Archery bows are ambidextrous and will work for right-handed or left-handed archers. I will wrap the handle accordingly when you place your order.

Before Ordering: Please measure your traditional draw length with the method shown on this page. A bow's warranty applies only to the listed draw lengths. If your draw is longer than the maximum listed in the bow's description, there's risk of pulling the string loop off the top limb. This causes a dry fire and voids the bow's warranty. You can learn to shoot with a shorter anchor point, but it's always better to wait for a bow listing that's safe for your draw length.  

Trad Draw Length: measured from the center of the sternum bone to the longest/middle finger with your back straight and arms fully extended, but not forcefully overextended (image).

Bow Building Classes:

Use the form below to let me know which class date you'd like to book. Once you receive an invoice, classes must be paid in full to secure your spot(s).

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Invoices are sent out within 48 hours.

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