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Custom Orders:

Provide a description of your order on the form below. Include the desired bow model, draw weight, tree species, bison quiver (yes/no), and the number of arrows. If you're unsure of your draw length, please enter your height.

ln-Stock ltems:

Include the serial number from the Bows in Stock page on the form below. All Organic Archery bows are ambidextrous and work for both right and left-handed archers. I'll wrap the handle accordingly when you place your order.

It's important to know your draw length before ordering an in-stock bow. The 2-Year Warranty applies only to the maximum draw listed in the bow's description. All bows, modern and primitive, can be damaged if overdrawn.

Draw Length:

The chart below shows approximate draw lengths when using a primitive bow, based on the archer's height. These numbers were generated after recording dozens of people using a relaxed corner-of-the-mouth anchor point in our workshops. I'll ask you to take one more measurement after placing an order, but these should be accurate to within half an inch...

5'2-5'3     (22-23" draw)

5'4-5'5     (23-24" draw)

5'6-5'7     (24-25" draw)

5'8-5'9     (25-26" draw)

5'10-5'11 (26-27" draw)

6'0-6'1     (27-28" draw)

6'2-6'3     (29-30" draw)

6'4-6'5     (31-32" draw)

Bow Building Classes:

Use the form below to let me know which class date you'd like to book. Once you receive an invoice, a $500 Good-Faith Deposit is required upfront to hold the spot(s). Payment in-full guarantees your reservation.

Follow builds and more in real-time on Instagram: @organic.archer

Allow 2 business days for replies.

Thanks for your patience!

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