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Professional Inquiries:

Contact me at the email below.


Bow Building Classes:

Use the form below to let me know which class date you'd like to book. Include all required information for invoicing purposes. Once you receive an invoice, a $500 Good-Faith Deposit is due upfront to hold the spot(s). Payment in full guarantees your reservation.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so at least 45 days prior to the date of the class. I'll send out e-mail reminders as the deadline approaches. If your invoice is still open at the 45-day mark, your deposit(s) will be refunded and the spot(s) reopened.


Any cancellations made inside 30 days will incur a $500 admin fee. No exceptions. It's a big trip that's challenging for most to make on short notice, and late cancellations create a huge logistical hurdle for everyone involved. If you back out last-minute, there's very little chance we'll be able to refill your spot.


There's no fee for rescheduling on time, and cancellations made on time will receive a refund.

Follow bow builds and more:

Instagram: @organic.archer

YouTube: @organicarchery

Allow 2-3 days for replies.

Thanks for your patience!

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